Les Important Bagatelles de Mimi Berlin


The ‘Important Bagatelles de Mimi Berlin‘, or ‘Toys for Girls‘ is a series of statuettes made with (hard-)plastic in pastel colors. Unique artworks which are prototypes for dual function toys; games, puzzles, water-features, shaken idiophones, music boxes and portraits. The Toys for Girls are supposed to stimulate the human senses, so some of them can be picked-up to actually play with.


Important Bagatelles

At first site the ‘Important Bagatelles de Mimi Berlin‘ seem to be unpretentious objects, fast compositions, even trifle maybe. True; the statuettes are light in style and have a very mellow character, they are bagatelles.
The important part lies in the fact that they are carefully made as a source of stimulation, not only to stimulate basic human senses, (touch, sight, hearing, smell) but also for coding this sensory information through light, balance, movement, coordination and pressure into a state of body awareness and, ideally into lust, which is a very interesting sensation, according to Mimi Berlin. Ms Berlin thinks it’s important to find beauty in the smaller pleasures in life; like getting your basic feelings trigged.
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