The Story of Rabbit a.12 and Rabbit a.16

-Rabbit a.16, 2014. (Mixed media: ceramic/Small and brown faux pearls/Large sweet water pearls/Pink Jade) ø 9 x 14,5 cm.
-Rabbit a.12, 2014. (Mixed media: 1970s porcelain signed Goebel/ Small faux pearls/Large sweet water pearls/Marble) 6,5 x 6,5 x 11 cm.

The Story:
These two species; Rabbit a.12 and Rabbit a.16 are created for the same purpose: pioneering digital hearing enhancement technology (DHET). Rabbits are extremely suitable for DHET because of their largest feature: the ears. By blocking the eyes and mouth they won’t see no evil and speak no evil, but they can hear evil extremely well. And that’s where they come in handy. The species is created to double as a propaganda and gossip detectors, next to being cute. Rabbit a.12, on the right, is stuck in an experimental phase: the pearly smile allows making sounds. Rabbit a.16, the last try-out in line, is the most efficient one, but not yet cute enough.

Evolutionary Extravaganza

Mimi Berlin’s Evolutionary Extravaganza offers a comprehensive explanation for a broad range of observed phenomena in animal species, such as for instance the Canis Collum Longus (Doggie Longneck), born from the imagination of Mimi Berlin and created with the fascination for life in centuries gone by in mind.

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All the statuettes are unique, signed pieces and are made with vintage-de-luxe found objects. Continue reading “Evolutionary Extravaganza”

Mimi Berlin at Church

Mimi Berlin at Church

Evolutionary Extravaganza, 2014. On show at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam

Mimi Berlin created an installation with the Evolutionary Extravaganza  series for Salon/Big Bang, reminiscent of an ancient and worn down mini laboratory cum museum, in which statuettes of imaginary animals and other life forms are on show.

Evolutionary Extravaganza  on show during SALON/Big Bang at the Oude Kerk, July 29 > August 28 2014.