Headless Girls Movie

Conversations #1: at the Park. Filmed and directed by Wendelien Daan, art direction by Mimi Berlin.

Mimi Berlin and photographer Wendelien Daan collaborated on the photo series Headless Girls. They imagined two women who used to work being a circus act (headless girls) in the 20th century. The inspiration source for this series is The History of Circus Legends; a group of surreal circus figurines, unique readymades made by Mimi Berlin.

This movie is available in HD.

The women are wearing silk scarves designed by Mimi Berlin. (which are handmade MimiMerchandise, made in a limited edition of 50 pieces, they are 90 x 90 cm and digitally printed on 100% silk twill, finished with a hand rolled seam. €175,- Available at X-Bank in Amsterdam and online at



close up portraits

Close-Up-Portraits is a series of 4 portraits, which can be used as a necklace, a toy, a tesbih or as an artpiece on your wall.

The Close-Up-Portrait series are one-of-a-kind pieces, made with beads in onyx, coral and pearls (salt, sweet and cultivé). The smiles aren’t perfectly white; these yellow smiles are made with vintagedeluxe glass beads. All the faces have 14kt golden locks on the top in the middle.

Close-Up-Portrait 1, 2015. Handmade in The Netherlands with onyx, red coral, sweetwater pearls, antique glass. (ø 51/40 cm)
Hi, I’m Pepper. I am the son of Virgil and Tilly. I am the owner of the Powder Box Girls.

Close-Up-Portrait 2, 2015.Handmade in The Netherlands with jade, onyx, red coral, sweetwater pearls, antique glass. (ø 62/44 cm)
Hi, I am Tilly. I am a nail artist. The longer the better is my motto.

Close-Up-Portrait 3, 2015. Handmade in The Netherlands with onyx, red coral, sweetwater pearls, saltwater cultivé pearls, (ø 60/44 cm)

Hi, I am Virgil. I am a friendly Harem Keeper. I own several Harems.

Close-Up-Portrait 4, 2015. Handmade in The Netherlands with onyx, white coral, saltwater cultivé pearls, jade. (ø 60 cm.)
Hi, I am Doreen.

As said earlier
: Close-Up-Portraits are unique pieces. To reach a broader audience Mimi Berlin Bijoux created two simplified (not so very simple of course) designs which have been taken into production. Two Close-Up necklaces have been developed: Eyes and Smile. Yes, you’ve guessed right: together they form a face. (View and/or Buy Here)

Cabinet of Short Stories

Mimi Berlin’s Cabinet of Short Stories

Installation, 2016. Below the digital preview of Mimi Berlin’s artists’ book ‘Cabinet of short stories’ which is printed in one copy only. Made to accompany the installation ‘Cabinet of Short Stories’. This book contains, in detail, exactly what’s in the ‘Cabinet of Short Stories’; it has the actual stories, information and images of the works on display. Mimi Berlin 2016

The Cabinet of Short Stories has been on exhibit at the x-bank in Amsterdam (Feb-Dec 2016)

‘Cabinet of short stories’ Mimi BerlinSave










The Gem Kingdom of Mimi Berlin: inspired by her friends and jewelry brand “Gem Kingdom” Mimi Berlin designed three Dreamhomes/Traum-Haüser.
One for the city, one house for the country and a boudoir.
The assemblages (or maquettes) are made with the finest molded plastics from the Mattel Company, dated; 1998 trough 2002, covered in high gloss ‘Plastic Skin” (Fleetcolour #N6/N533)

“The Sagrada Familia of the dollhouses” ~ HJ Kinkhorst, 2011.

Mimi Berlin created an installation with the Dreamhomes/Traum-haüser for the Christmas 2011 Shop Window of the Gem Kingdom jewelry flagship store in Amsterdam.The Dreamhomes/Traum-haüser were part of the 25th anniversary exhibiton of Gem Kingdom at CODA, Apeldoorn in 2015 and at H.P. France Theatre, Tokyo in 2016.

Eggcups / Eierbecher Prototypes


Eggcups/Eierbecher, Prototypes are six series of eggcups: Surrealist, POMO, White, Stories, Retro and Souvenir D’Amour.
Mimi Berlin designed three to four designs per series.
All Eggcups are signed and handmade with VintageDeLuxe materials such as porcelain, glass, and ceramics.

View the complete collection  HERE

Mimi Merchandise

Mimi Merchandise by Mimi Berlin:

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Silk Scarves: ‘Stallion’ and ‘Mirror’ design. Silk Scarves in a limited edition of 50 pieces inspired by The History of Circus Legends series ) 90 x 90 cm digitally printed on 100% Silk Twill)

Close-Up Necklaces:‘Eyes’ and ‘Smile‘ designed by Mimi Berlin Bijoux, are handmade in onyx, sweet water pearls, coral and a yellow vintage glass bead, finished with a 14kt golden locket.

3-D Print: “Giant Albino Rabbit”. The Headbalancer rabbit from the History of Circus Legends series has become a giant: 20 cm tall! 3D prined in a limited edition of 10 signed and numbered pieces. The Giant Albino Rabbit is painted by hand. (The rabbit was created by Mimi Berlin in 2013 as part of The History of Circus Legends. His name is Dinky and he is a Head Balancer. This statuette has always been everyone’s favorite. Most of the Circus Legend statuettes have been sold but the original Dinky always will be part of Mimi Berlin’s private collection. Read the Story of Dinky the Head Balancer HERE on this blog)

Fish Lamp: a classic Mimi Berlin Statuette made with found objects and tape. Fish lamp, Mimi Berlin 2011, mixed media (1960s pressed glass, ducttape, bike led lamp) Fish lamp is made by hand and can be made to order, all UNIQUE pieces.

Ich Will Ein Fisch Im Wasser Sein by Gem Kingdom & Mimi Berlin, 2014. (Assembled Bronze/1980s pressed glass/Axa Bike Lamp) Ich Will ein Fisch im Wasser Sein is a statuette made with found objects and embellished bronze which doubles as a lamp. It is the result of the first collaboration by the Gem Kingdom and Mimi Berlin  Ich Will ein Fisch im Wasser Sein is made by hand and can be made to order, all UNIQUE pieces.

MimiMalist Series are low-end MimiMerchandise; mass produced items designed by Mimi Berlin.

For more details and information or to buy these products visit the MimiMall.Amsterdam. That’s Mimi Berlin’s online Depatment Store.