The story of Pinky Palace

powderbox girls pinky palace story

The story Pinky Palace

This is Joan, but her name is Pinky Palace. By day she is an interior designer, her favorite style is Hollywood Regency. Her nighttime workplace is decorated to the max, the color scheme of her cube completes her physique so well that everybody just stares and admires the beauty of it all. No customer has ever seen her room from the inside. Joan doesn’t mind, she knows her window is only a facade, her tiny work room is just as plain as any other room in ‘The Fuck Flat’

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Pinky Palace, 2016, Mixed media (acrylic, cube, Avon compact powder box, 1980s ceramics marked Arzberg, sponge, celluloid toothing rings, elastic hairband, plastic) 9 x 9 cm. All items have been left untouched, no glue or any other permanent adhesives have been used. if you open the gold filled seal this sculpturette will fall apart.

Powder Box Girls

Pinky Palace is part of the Powder Box Girls; a series of statuettes accompanied by their own short story created by Mimi Berlin. The Powder Box Girls are girls of pleasure with double jobs. Working during the day is very important to them, oddly enough without these jobs they couldn’t work the night.