No Harm Harem

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No Harm Harem; Veiled Animals, 2015, mixed media lace/crochet, ceramic/porcelain. various sizes.

The Story:
All female animals, with veiled faces, too many of them; looking quite similar. They all have the same story to tell as well. They are always hidden in the Harem, which is situated in a cellar, because they are so pretty and valuable. They just exist to not be broken and for being adorable. The white veils protect the females even more from harm, or so they are made to believe.

The foot of Darlene has been placed between them by Denzel the haremkeeper; to set an example for runaways.

Some of the animal-ettes have been let out of the basement though; to pose for a beauty editorial in Harper’s Bazaar, yes; they are fashionable as well.