Evolutionary Extravaganza

Mimi Berlin’s Evolutionary Extravaganza offers a comprehensive explanation for a broad range of observed phenomena in animal species, such as for instance the Canis Collum Longus (Doggie Longneck), born from the imagination of Mimi Berlin and created with the fascination for life in centuries gone by in mind.

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All the statuettes are unique, signed pieces and are made with vintage-de-luxe found objects.

Canis Collum Longus (Doggie Longneck), 2014. Mixed media: (glass perfume bottle with plastic head, signed: Avon/1970s ceramic/ 1940s celluloid) 8,5 x 12 cm.
The story: Doggie longneck is one of several species which are still in the experimental phase. The Collum Longus species are supposed to oversee the fields whilst hunting. Tests results proved that the collum longus is still too fragile, they break easily.